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  • Cidr Encoder - CLI for time efficiently encoding cidr blocks to find if an IP exists in a range

  • Echo Server - Web server that supports http and websockets and echos the request back on the response

  • Lambda Inventory - Takes inventory of the lambda service in AWS configured by a yaml file.

  • Reboot Ecs Service - CLI to reboot an ecs service

  • S3 Multipart Upload - Upload files in a directory to s3 via multipart uploads. The uploaded parts are checkpointed to a local file for restarting purposes.

  • Sagemaker Utilities - A set of utilities, and a serverless proxy, to help manage and use sagemaker endpoints

  • Tokenizer Utils - Huggingface compatible tokenizers as a command-line, http server, or AWS Lambda

  • X509 Metrics - Command line that outputs a json object of TLS certificate metrics


  • Homebrew Ai Utils - homebrew tap filled with utilities for working with ai models

  • Homebrew Aws - A collection of binaries that make managing AWS inventory just a tad bit easier

  • Homebrew Server Utils - homebrew tap filled with utilities for working with web servers

  • Homebrew Teleport - Homebrew tap for other versions of the teleport client