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  • Aws Privatelink Poc - This is a POC to demonstrate an issue with AWS PrivateLink. The issue is what CIDR do you lock down the NLB in an VPC Endpoint Service too to allow the consumer to access the private link.

  • Awshealth To Slack - Lambda that posts AWS Health events to slack

  • Ecs Task Secretsmanager Poc - POC for using secrets manager with ECS tasks. This injects a decrypted secret into the container as an environment variable from aws secrets manager.

  • Lambda Inventory - Takes inventory of the lambda service in AWS configured by a yaml file.

  • Reboot Ecs Service - CLI to reboot an ecs service

  • S3 Multipart Upload - Upload files in a directory to s3 via multipart uploads. The uploaded parts are checkpointed to a local file for restarting purposes.

  • Sagemaker Utilities - A set of utilities, and a serverless proxy, to help manage and use sagemaker endpoints

  • Security Group Ingress - AWS Lambda written in go that manages security group ingress rules for public CDN.

  • Ses Inbound Mail Filtering Lambdas - Set of lambdas for filtering out inbound email via SES written in GoLang